Memorial fund for Ashley

Hi everyone it’s Tim Ashley’s husband I would like to set up a memorial in her name. Thank you for all the love and support for my wife and your cancer kickin girl. Your words of encouragement and strength helped her through some pretty tough times and for that I will always be in your debt. Cancer did not beat her she beat the cancer and showed she was not going down without a fight. All donations would be greatly appreciated and go directly towards Ashley’s memorial fund. I will continue to post updates and information on what I’ve learned through the process and hopefully she can still continue to help others through me.

PS For all you fighting this dreadful disease don’t give up keep fighting someday we will find a cure.

Thanks Ashley’s husband Tim

6 comments on “Memorial fund for Ashley

  1. Charmian House says:

    my heart is very heavy right now and my prayers are with you and your family..I too have pancreatic cancer….

    • Sheron Stanfield says:

      Bless you as you fight with bravery this demon that has taken so many wonderful lives. Don’t give up, keep fighting. You could be the one that wins over evil.

  2. Sheron Stanfield says:

    Tim, you are such a natural leader. Good luck as you fight the unknown for your beautiful Ashley. She wrote often that she was so proud of the love you shred and your life together.

  3. jrcruse says:

    Tim! So wonderful that you are creating a memorial for your beautiful Ashley that we all came to love in all our own ways! You have been a witness of true love and strength so beyond what many will have to endure for another. You did good and are continuing your steps through love! We get through our hardest moments with love and that same love carries us through the next step! All in your own way! Who knew you were sitting there all along with all these beautiful words in your heart…Ashley knew! Yep, that’s The Good Stuff…like you said! Are you making the memorial from the Go Fund Me site? So nice of you to share You and your feelings. It really is a gift you are giving!!!!

  4. Norbert Ruiz says:

    Hi Tim, I am so sorry Ashley passed away, but I know she gave it all she had. I was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer about the same time as Ashley. I keep going in, and of remission.

    I know what you mean by fighting the doctors, and the hospital staff. Some of the doctors have the attitude why fight it, your not going to win this one. Or like one in Washington recently told me you have gone two years what more do you want.

    Anyways, I spoke to Ashley a few times over the last few years, and she really lifted my spirits, and hope when no else could.

    Take care Ber

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  5. Philip says:


    Just wanted you to know you are not forgotten. I keep you in my prayers. You were a noble and faithful husband — and you more than proved your love. These are such hard times. My heart is so heavy as I read your recounts of Ashley’s home going to God. I watched my Dad die slowly in hospice from lung cancer. It was not a good sight. But God had blessed him with 85 years. Ashley was so young. It is hard indeed to see God’s will in this. My partner Dan is dealing with some hard times, post-Whipple, and we fear recurrence. Praying that God will shield him from that. Like Ashley, he has been a brave warrior. I share this because on several levels I intimately know your pain, fear, frustration, sadness. May God hold you close and know that Ashley has always got your back. Hugs!

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