First memorial for Ashley

My wife was baptized Catholic and always considered her self to be part of the Catholic church at the hospital. She was diagnosed so early on when we first moved to DC we didn’t have time to become a members at any churches around the area. Unfortunately the hospitals became more like a home to us. We had meet so many wonderful people and spent so much time with them that we know call friends and family. She was a member of both churches at Georgetown University Hospital and Washington hospital center. So with that being said I have decided to have a nice Catholic ceremony at Washington Hospital Center where my wife passed away and met so many people she loved.

Time: 12:00 noon
Date: Thursday, October 24
Location: Washington hospital center at the chapel

All are welcome please come and remember my wife and her legacy

Thank you Tim

13 comments on “First memorial for Ashley

  1. Helayne Bruntjen says:


    I will surely be thinking of you and sweet Ashley. Wish I lived closer. I wouldn’t miss it. Love, hugs and prayers,


  2. Sheron Stanfield says:

    Hold on, Tim. You can face the hardest day of your young life. I am not being callous for following her blog almost at the beginning, I am missing your wife Ashley tremendously. She was one of the most caring sensitive, courageous people I have ever met. Talented! Yes she had all these projects she was in the middle of that she never finished. Maybe you should ask Brooke if she wants to share the projects and finish in honor of Ashley. She wrote that she was a raft fanatic. I know she never finished them because it was that time she was in so much pain. She had more love, understanding, and locality in her little finger than most of us ever have. I questioned her about skipping chemo, then she wrote her doctor said it was okay. I later saw on Fox News doctors were questioning chemo treatments and when they should be treated. I feel that we all had Ashley in our lives for so longer time than predicted because of her tenacity and fighting power. So young, so much will to live. Worrying about you and the boys, Tim, I pray you find peace in your heart. I look forward to the day when a diagnosis of PC is not a death sentence if you can’t have the whipple surgery. I look forward to the day when they discover a way for the pancreatic tail does not leak and spread over the bodies of our loved ones. Tim, be strong but give yourself time to cry and mourn your precious Ashley and celebrate her life and love. Keep in touch with us. Sheron

  3. Gail says:

    Please know our thoughts will be at the hospital chapel as you honor Ashley and celebrate her life.

  4. leti says:

    Will be there in my thoughts, right beside you. Take care Tim, Ashley is free and not alone.

  5. Mini says:

    Tim, if I lived in the States I would be there for Ashley and for you. Since I can’t I will light a candle in Ashley’s memory and be thankful that such a beautiful woman graced the world and gave hope to many like my brother. I will send you my love and strength because this journey is so hard to understand and accept. I have learnt in a few short months that the spirit we carry within is greater than the pain and taking each moment, then each minutes etc. is how you deal with the grief and miraculously move forward. Somehow we endure. Just as Ashley was and will always be in my heart, you are too. You are never alone. Xxx

  6. Joan B says:

    You are such a great husband. Ashley would love this. Of course I never met her but it is clear that you always put her needs first.

  7. elaine mclaughlin says:

    What a wonderful occasion and invitation you provide for so many people who loved Ashley and you during the hard times. It will be a healing and encouraging time for those who believe love is powerful ,even if it can’t prevent death.Sometimes after long stretches of disappointments,ups and downs, people question their effectiveness. They need to be encouraged and thanked so that they can keep up the strength of mind and body to help someone new to suffering get through it.It’s a tough job. I will be there in spirit,but not in body,because I’m much too afraid of traffic down your way.Besides, I think when you’re stranded on an island (hospital) with the same folks, there must form an intimate bond that only those folks share.Live in the moment.

  8. Colleen says:

    Tim, you have been a steadfast mate for Ashley. I know she deserved being honored and you were there by her side, and continue to do so. After my niece McKayla died unexpectantly at age 13 (6 years ago), I have struggled with my faith. We can’t make sense of these things that are beyond our control. But, I want you to know that I get comfort in remembering such beautiful memories that I have etched in my heart and soul. I have to believe that like McKayla, Ashley is an Angel, and is with you and will be with you always. Your choice of a Catholic Memorial is perfect–again you are honoring your beloved Ashley. Joe and I are so sorry that you are facing this in your young life. We will be sending warm, comforting thoughts of love and peace. There will be hard days to follow and will keep you in our thoughts and prayers. I will light a candle at noon- time tomorrow at the Shrine of St. Joseph the Worker in Massachusetts in honor of Ashley, and will pray that God will continue to give you continued strength and fortitude in the coming weeks and months, as you face a life without Beautiful, smiling Ashley. God Speed.
    Remember, you will see her again and your heart will be filled with Joy.

  9. Kary Parker says:

    Wished I was in your area so I could attend. But I will definitely be thinking of you and your family as you celebrate the life of your beautiful Ashley.
    And this Sunday at the PurpleLight National Vigil of Hope, Ashley’s name will be read and we will illuminate a purple glow stick in her memory and in honor of her valiant battle….xoxo

    Take care………Kary

  10. Suzanne says:

    Hi Tim,
    I wish I could be there today since we are in the same area but my husband is having is PET scan at that time. I will be thinking of you both. I am sure you will makes this a wonderful memorial for your beloved wife, Ashley.


  11. Kary Parker says:

    Lit a bright beautiful purple glow stick tonight as Ashley’s name was read at our PurpleLight event tonight in Orange County, California. The PurpleLight National Vigil of Hope has the theme that “every purple light tells a story,” and Ashley’s purple light definitely tells a story that many will always keep in their hearts…xoxox

    Take care……….Kary
    Be A Hero = Fight Pancreatic Cancer

  12. Lola says:

    Thinking of you Tim and hope you are ok.

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