Last Memorial

So I’m sorry it’s taken so long to write this I have been dealing with so much lately and just trying to figure things out in my life. My wife’s last memorial was great I had hundreds and hundreds of pictures we had a great turnout considering we haven’t lived in Michigan for seven years Ashley was truly loved here. Unfortunately her mother and father and brothers including grandpa wouldn’t talk to me or come to their senses try to work out an agreement about the insurance issue. So they all did not come mainly because I think they were embarrassed of what they were doing and have no morals. Oh well Ashley wouldn’t want them there anyways considering what they’re doing to me after she is gone and not helping out at all just trying to cash in on her life. If that’s the most important thing to them then so be it god will work things out. Ashley see all now and knows the truth about them and what is important. Me and my wife didn’t talk much about the possibility of her dying it was just too hard of a subject for the both of us you can only imagine. But Ashley and I knew the possibility was there and she definitely had things planned out just in case something happened. When I went through her scrapbooking room I found a CD that said play at my memorial it was brand-new wrapped up and had a letter inside for me. This really hit me hard, my wife must of been going through hell for someone to know that they’re going to die and to know that she came to terms with that hurt me deeply. We always tried to stay positive and ignore the issue I can only Imagine the thoughts going through her head at that time. Ashley Wasn’t afraid of dying she was afraid of dying alone. She knew the majority of her family would never be there for her but she could count on me to the end. Even after her death her family wasn’t there for her Spirit I just wish they gave a dam. Her sister Brooke is the only one that came to her memorial on her immediate family side. Very said because I am the closest thing they have to her now. These are the songs that I found for me to play and I have a real hard time listening to them Without breaking down. I also played a Brad Paisley song I thought she might like.

► 3:26► 3:26…;
May 22, 2013

Sun Comes Up – Trace Adkins (Subt. al Español) – YouTube…;

► 4:11► 4:11…;
Apr 18, 2008

One comment on “Last Memorial

  1. Norbert Ruiz says:

    Hi Tim, hang in there. I wen through something almost exactly what you are going through. I just came through the conclusion that you can not deal with barbarians.

    I spoke with Ashley a few times, and she was a great inspiration to me, and helped go through treatment. I have had stage four pancreatic cancer now for two years. It has been hell for me, but Ashley helped me. She shared some of her courage with me.

    At least the world got to know Ashley for awhile. It really would have sad if the world had never known her.

    How long did Ashley have cancer for? Let me know.


    Sent from my iPad


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