What is a CA19-9?

A CA19 is a tumor marker blood test used for pancreatic cancer. The main use of CA19-9 is therefore to see whether a pancreatic tumor is secreting it; if that is the case, then the levels should fall when the tumor is treated, and they may rise again if the disease recurs.  In other words, if a CA19 reading is 20,000 then after a few treatments falls to 10,000 this indicates that the chemo is working very well because the numbers decreased 50% as opposed to one having a reading of 800 then after a few treatments the number falls to 650, the first patient is actually responding better to the treatment. 

This does NOT detect pancreatic cancer NOR does a normal number mean that the patient is “cancer free”.

One comment on “What is a CA19-9?

  1. elaine mclaughlin says:

    This was good of you to post, so we cheerleaders can understand what’s going on.

    Just wanted to add something from yesterday, and that is that I recommended you read Dr. Fuhrman’s book EAT TO LIVE because this doctor has seen many cancer and heart patients REVERSE THEIR DISEASE PROCESSES with the right nutrients….the ones your body needs to fight your battles for you, but can’t because it’s not being supplied. I think you should be convinced ,by reading this book, before you take new steps.You have to KNOW the nutrients are in the food. I think it’s kind of exciting ,you taking on the role of conquerer. It’s very fortunate that you have TIME to experiment. I think you’ll do alright if you keep your body in its proper cycle: eating morning foods like red meat that make energy for you in the day, and eating late afternoon carby foods that help you repair and detox at night. It’s really important that the night sleep pattern is not interrupted. When I saw, in my own case, that doctors were guessing around and doing their best,but not really intent on looking to stop the CAUSE of my body’s dysfunction, I wanted to shop elsewhere. I had to study which foods and other reasons actually caused inflammation, and there were lists. I had to KNOW what things HELPED my body get rid of poisons and cancer. I had to KNOW what things cancer seemed to thrive on. I ABSOLUTELY hated and resented that I had to find my own solutions, but the ” medical stores” didn’t have what I needed, so-to-speak.I didn’t like their theory that burning someone’s house down will get rid of the roaches. I wanted to get rid of the roaches without burning my house down. I did not have cancer, but from reading LOTS of stuff I concluded that eating food that had been laced with chemicals or that had no nutrition, caused a bunch of disease problems, including mine. I learned a lot about how real fats like those in salmon and red meat put anti inflammatory elements into to body, while clear oils are made to attack (inflammatory) most anything in your body and that the kind of fat you eat the most of determines what goes on( omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids in foods) Raw nuts and wild caught salmon also helped .Many of these clear oils are already rancid and therefore inflammatory and harmful,but we take them in pill form or pour them over our salads.You probably know better than to eat transfats like Crisco . Before I was sick, I had failed to pay much attention, because I mindlessly ate to get happy and temporarily full. The reason for being hungry all the time and uneasy is that when the body senses it doesn’t have the nutrition, it keeps goading you into eating more. When your body senses that things are happy and calm, then you’re probably eating what your body wants. If you’re edgy,nervous, depressed, craving food, you don’t have the right foods for you. You’re full, but not properly armed.Even normal exercise,without proper nutrition,can be sensed as stress.Well, I just forgot to tell you this yesterday. When I made my break, I really didn’t believe I had very much time left, but many people on death row have been spared at the 11th hour, by the right answer. We’re praying for you to find your answer.

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